Oct 20, 2010

Oil painting portrait on canvas from your photo :

Why purchase an Oil painting portrait from photo from http://www.denisgervais.com/ :

Oil painting portrait from photo of family, baby, wedding, pet, car, boat, house, your vacation photo or anything that you cherish ... can be done for you as an oil painting on canvas.

Oil Painting portrait can be done from old antique black and white photo that will end up as a portrait showing beautiful colors and background. We can use your antique print, photo or picture that are in poor condition and hand paint a beautiful oil painting portrait even grouping photos to achieve a group or family portrait. Ideal gift for remembrance or to honor someone.

Oil painting portrait from www.DenisGervais.com are done entirely by hand from start to finish. Our artists use quality paints and quality canvas for all oil painting portraits and reproductions. We will never print your canvas or use other technique to apply the paint and then paint over to make it look as an oil painting like many others do.


Purchasing oil painting portraits or reproductions from our competitors :

Many of the oil painting reproductions and portraits from the competitions are done on fiberboard or thin canvas with low quality paints that might crack after a few years. You have an inferior painting if you are able to see a regular pattern that is not following the direction that the paint is applied to the canvas by the brush or there might only be highlights applied in strategic areas not to show that it is a mechanical reproductions. If your painting was purchase at auction or online and comes with a certificate of authenticity without showing a well identifiable source for reference and history, this was only a marketing ploy.